Now let’s expand that natural order, Part 3

Just as the Conscious Creator started its expansion with everything that we can see, and we wait to see more of what will be “thought” into form, so too, the natural order changes over time.  This cycle is especially apparent in the beginning of the 21st century.  We are witnessing the expression of the thoughts of our elders, back to the beginning of our government, which has created all of our social systems.  This may be an overstatement, but for my spiritual share of the day I am tempted to say we are witnessing the creation from the thoughts of the infamous 1% of the global rich.  Yet, that is only part of how we got to where we find ourselves now — waiting for the end of the world.

Let’s ease into the expansion of the natural order in Part 2.  Love and hate have been added to the mix in order to energize change, but hate is usually the trigger.  Oh, let’s not forget greed.  Maybe that should be #1.  If I were creating a new world I would start with love, and I am sure you would too, but because we have come to this ‘here and now’ we have to look at the truth:  fear is what continues to keep us from expanding into the reality of love. The reality of love is that we are all whole.  We can all cocreate for the greater good.  The pain and suffering are done with because we have collectively chosen to recreate our world in a way that honors our Conscious Creator.  Feel free to use another word if the word Creator annoys you.  It may be hard to believe that we have reached this point, but if you look at past generations did you ever see mention of man being as powerful as God?

The phrase “Conscious Creator” is a description of our modern God.  The old Gods/Goddesses of past millennia are the models which humanity used to cocreate what we see around us now.  It is not that God said, “go out and poison the air with mechanical emissions”;  rather, humans began to evolve into clever creators who wanted jobs to be less difficult. You know the story.

Many humans have craved a deeper relationship with their God.  We have seen cycles come and go with respect to our relationship with God and God’s relationship with the faithful.  We have seen various interpretations of God from the peoples of the world.  We have seen the Devil worshiped as God. Rarely do we see humans thinking of themselves as aspects of God in the flesh, although the 21st century has ushered in an evolutionary cocreatorship with God, and Sacred Science, or Spiritual Science if you prefer, is proof that many humans are beginning to expand their understanding of the immensity of Life, and therefore of God.

So let’s expand our “natural order” list from Part 2.  We have every chance to evolve ourselves during the next hundred years into a species that lives in harmony with all living things. We might create a relationship with God that is flexible in its interpretation of what God expects from us and what we need from the Conscious Creator God in order to be at peace with one another.

  1.  Women rise up and refuse to allow violence in their lives.  Laws are changed, equality of the races is established and enforced, equity for women who work is accomplished, and human rights prevail for the good of all.
  2. Men become cocreators with women and what they accomplish is beneficial for the good of all.  The tendencies to climb over someone to get to the top no longer exists since equality and social equity have taken hold.  Men begin to express themselves as whole beings who are not stuck in the old paradigms.
  3. Children are so inspired by their parents that they want to engage society in a positive way.  They find that society respects everyone who works doing something they enjoy.  Money is not the only means of earning a living for this generation.  We are moving out among the stars, and education is free.  Creative problem solving becomes a goal to turn around the issues of the past in order for there to be true happiness on this planet.

You see where I am going with this train of thought. In the past we thought to small, even though it is true that we invented new things, new systems, and more it is also true that for the most part humanity was miserable.  War and Starvation, Disease and Pollution made it impossible to live a high quality of life requiring less to survive.  This last should be our goal for the century.

We would of necessity have to undo as much of the damage as has been done and this is not going to be done overnight, but I am excited by the change in progress that is part of the revolutionary evolution of humanity.  We are not going to tip toe around the fact that we have contributed to the suffering on this planet.  My dress was made in India.  Your car has high carbon emissions. The food we eat has been tampered with in order to produce more product and provide more wealth.

Last night I was dreaming in cycles.  Some of the dreams made me restless.  I sensed that I had to commit to a change in my perception about my relationship with all living things.  I awoke with a smile on my face because I heard clearly a voice (not mine) that said, “God does love you.”.  Since I know myself as an energy being existing within the universal energy field of resonance that is all inclusive, this gift of my Super-conscious Mind (My Essential of Universal Self) inspired me to get up and take time to share these thoughts with you.

God loves you.  It can be whatever version of God that you want.  It does not limit you.  You can be a criminal or a social activist.  The trick is that you have to choose and make a commitment to who you are becoming.  Time is coming perilously close to extinction.  We know this because the people at the top of our government are courting disaster.  We must stop politics as usual.  You know this and I know this.  They know it too which is why they are so nervous and desperately trying to lock us all in to the old system in which they thrive.

I guess they think we are uninformed, or stupid.  Silly egos.  They have underestimated our intention to cocreate social systems that serve the people.  Isn’t it true that government is supposed to serve the people?  It doesn’t do that anymore.  I’m even thinking of not paying taxes this year as a civil disobedience protest.  Anyone else out there willing to take the risk?

Make your commitment as soon as you are clear and know what your truth is when it comes to your part in the evolutionary shift for the good of our planet.

With love and deep respect for who you are and who you are going to choose to become.  The powerful Presence of God, the modern one or the old one will have to duke it out someday because there isn’t room for a jealous god and a god of goodwill.  I’m betting on the god of goodwill.

Keep me posted on your choices.  I do enjoy your messages.


Rev. Cassandra