There is a natural order… Part II

That natural order is creative, resonant with social justice and spiritual oneness.  You may think that you are less than the best that you can be, but that is illusion.  You are always working, living, loving, and expressing yourself at the highest energetic level of reality.  Don’t believe that you are failing, or allow yourself to measure yourself against someone else’s “success”.  There is a higher truth to reflect upon when we are discussing the universal energy field.  If you believe that any misstep you make takes you off the path to perfection you are missing the mark.   There is no such thing as failure because you are always, and I do mean always,  doing the best that you can.  You are creatively seeking solutions to situations.  You may try something and it does not bring about the desired result but that does not make you a failure.  Energy itself is neutral.  It does not keep count.  You can not fail nor can you succeed, you can only advance to your next level of conscious reality, or stay where you are until you realize only you give you permission to expand your reality.

If you feed the negative energy that is dominant at this time in the world, in other words your thoughts are constantly agitated, your field of conscious resonance will cocreate more fear for you to reflect upon because your path is leading you to success:  you will eventually understand that you are in charge of what you create, and you will stop living in pain, and self-inflicted suffering.  This is not the same as failing, however.  Change your perception and you see that it is necessary for us to make commitments to keep moving forward and grow out of the old order of the male dominated society.

Sorry, boys.  It is time to learn that you have been fighting the natural order, and that is why you have cocreated such suffering in our world.

Let me share with you the natural order of the universe, or at least a part of it with you now:

  1.  Females give birth to men, therefore in the natural hierarchy females are the conscious co creators of humanity. That’s a more important job than the CEO of a corporation, or the President of the United States. Women should always be respected  for their role in the world, and treated with dignity.
  2. Men have attributes that are necessary to build and repair everything. This is a very important job. It is a job that requires of them to be the guardians of “the good way” by which all people are able to live in peace and have enough.  It isn’t that women aren’t meant to help, because they are part of the circle of life and of course they would help cocreate the social systems we need.  But men have a tendency to be problem solvers and that is what we need now.
  3. Each generation is meant to take care of the environment, and all living things.  They are the guardians of the living.  Without them we will face extinction.  Their job is perhaps the most important of all.  It is definitely  challenging.