Landing in the Universal Energy Field, Part I

Good News!  You don’t have to do anything to land in the Universal Energy Field!  You are born into it as part of the energy field and it is always the vehicle that drives your development throughout your lifetime. Isn’t it great that all of creation starts out on an equal footing? I could even say that there is no reason to feel lonely again because we are an intrinsic part of everything we see and everyone we meet. We are One in a very unique way that may not be duplicated in the Universe, or it may, we don’t know yet.

That doesn’t mean that we should float through life without making an effort to cocreate with others or to create something unique by ourselves to benefit the rest of the world.  It also doesn’t mean that you won’t be born with difficult life circumstances, meant to push you into action in case you have told yourself that you have less than others when it comes to benefits.

I was born to a mother who was schizophrenic and a father who was a misogynist. He had three daughters and finally got a son with the last planned pregnancy.   To be honest, Dad was terribly wounded by his own upbringing so as I began to understand the wholeness of my own potential I was able to see that his dreams were not fulfilled and his unhappiness is what blocked the sunshine for all of us.

I’ll take the gift the Universe gave me, I was born with an open connection to the Spirit World.  My second sister is a talented singer-songwriter and  counselor. Sister three has an artsy streak and she is so compassionate she became a nurse after raising her own two daughters.  My brother may have the highest IQ among us siblings and has successfully worked in IP Security Systems.  All of us have had  really tough karma to work through, but we also had an opportunity to see early that we create our own life with thoughts, words and deeds.  We suffered.  We celebrated successes.  We loved each other better as we aged.  We weren’t great at being close when we were growing up so our parenting skills and personal skills may have taken a few hard knocks along the way.  This is the way life works.

Does this sound similar to you and your life?  I imagine it does.  It may look to you like someone you know is getting a free ride, but I assure you there is no such thing in this dimension of living.  Our purpose is to make the connection between what we think reality is, and what we are creating as our reality (usually) unconsciously.  Sorry to be the one to tell you that nobody else is doing anything to you that your Soul did not allow.

We usually don’t get to a significant level of understanding regarding our need for trials and tribulations until we get much, much older.  Please don’t let that scare you.  Most of us start in our thirties to separate ourselves from our childish misogynistic tendencies.  So today I want to speak to you about some of the tools you will need to help you create a softer landing when your turn comes to fall from the heights of your ego’s self identity.  Oh yeah, it’s a long fall down.  No one is spared so cheer up. You’re not a slow learner. In fact, you are going to be surprised at how easy it is to switch gears in the way you think about “reality”.  There are many who have gone before us and made this shift successfully.  I hope you enjoy the next chapter of this “how to” article.