As the clock ticks, so does the message we share change, and hopefully become even richer in context

Dear Hearts, one and all, thank you for following me or checking in to see what this site has been about over the past several years.  It began as an invitation to explore the book that I was writing, and I shared chapters from the book as well as articles or information that was of interest in the sacred science rhelm.

I had a talk show for quite a while, on, called  The “Multiple You” Universe and I received such beautiful feedback from those of you who let me know you were listening to the show, again the subject was mostly sacred science and the story of how our consciousness is evolving during a period that looks more chaotic every day.  My site allowed us to advance our understanding of how we all need to begin changing the broken social systems referred to in the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard, an impressive futurist.

I am in the process of resetteling myself and want to let you know that I will be back in time, a short clicking of the minutes, hours, and days. When I return this site will be my primary location for all future communications.  I hope you will bookmark it and check back during the summer.  I should be back on-line by then.

Know that I am holding all of humanity in my heart’s resonant field because I believe that we are all in unity consciousness, even if we do not express the same beliefs and make the same choices as one another.

May you be blessed with joy, love, compassion for yourself and others.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, Independent New Thought