Who are We?


Photo credit: Dr. June Weider

Photo credit: Dr. June Weider

The footsteps in this photo of a labyrinth overlap each other.  Just so, we are multiple versions of ourselves throughout the ages. Let me share a short excerpt from my book, released July, 2015:

Chapter 26: Mixed Spheres of Awareness, page 209.

 When you experience mixed spheres of time and consciousness you sample how others would have felt.  It takes tremendous practice to hone into an individual, and their experience, but it can be done if you are determined to explore this concept of One Time, One Being. Simply enter a labyrinth and focus upon the many footprints of those who have walked there before you.  The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol for contemplation. I walked a sandy labyrinth located at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest, California many times. I found great solace when I walked this labyrinth because I was lonely, and each time I entered it I felt a warm comfort envelop me.  You see, I transcended my expectation and allowed myself to experience the “now” of each walk.  In that “now stage of consciousness” I also accessed the Eternal Now of “when” the others, who had walked the labyrinth, had been there.  The comfort I felt wrap around me, I believed at the time, was the collective energy signature of these walkers.

[Now I am considering something slightly more advanced.  We may all be able to connect with one another around the world through our symbiotic relationship due to the conscious evolution occurring now,mentioned earlier as One Time, One Being.  If God is Consciousness, and Consciousness exists in the very fabric of space, we should consider that it is possible to link our conscious minds to one another in the future.  I have seen a vision of The Quantum Human, but I was only shown that we are currently evolving into that new species. The time it will take to succeed is not known to me, or others who have also sensed this ability to cocreate and commuicate.]

            It was on February 13, 2006,[1] that I received a two-part message while I walked through the labyrinth.  The experience gave me what I have begun to call the “teaching at the labyrinth”, and I was truly surprised at the depth of the content until I realized that I had received a “thought form” of information. [A thought-form can be a full package of information from the beginning of a thought to its conclusion, or  it can come to you in be bits and pieces; it depends upon your need to know at the moment when the experience is occuring. I have received thought-forms in rounds.  which means I get piece by piece, but in order so it builds the whole message at a rate that I can absorb and understand.

This is what I experienced that day.

            “The labyrinth is like a metaphor for life” I heard spoken softly in my ear. “People walk the path each carrying their burden basket and hoping for future clarity and peace. All different from each other they are, and yet the same on their quest.”

            As I looked down at the sand, I saw at least three or four sets of footprints beside my own barefooted prints. I realized that these others had searched for a personal moment of clarity, too. We had come to the same place but at different times. As we thought about our problem while walking into the center of the labyrinth, we traversed space and time as we remembered the situation, event, feelings, and people from our past. We utilized “access consciousness” as well as “emergentism”, in that our thoughts built upon one another to bring us to a new clarity we did not have originally.  Like an opportunity to expand our consciousness, we allowed some aspect of “Self” to transform us as we gained inner wisdom through the recall, this time from a new perspective.

            From this same diary entry I re-read: “As we follow the path it undulates like a river into altered states of awareness. We are able to open to the fullness of ourselves.  When we come to the altar in the center, we lay down our grief, pain, and previous confusion.  We are then filled mystically with gnosis.”[2]

[1] Recorded in Diary of Cassandra Martin, 23 February 2006

[2] Additional thoughts recorded in Diary of Cassandra Martin, 23 February 2006