Eleven Affirmations for the International Day of Peace

It is my hope that you will join me in a Peace Prayer on September 21st, sometime during the 24 hours of International Day of Peace.  I will begin at 10 AM central time.  For those of us who prefer smaller groups, you are invited to share the subtle energy of my congregation from your home space, or your favorite place to meditate.

As we choose to participate in the shift of energy that is currently called the evolution of consciousness, we cocreate the expansion of our collective consciousness.  As we manifest our personal shift, and spread the word that we have moved into a time of Partnership, we help ourselves and we help others, in intangible, energetic ways.  As we join together with a shared intention to improve the quality of our world, we fulfill our destiny as CoCreator’s of Peace.

Please take a moment before you speak aloud these affirmations, to think about the people in the world who yearn to be fulfilled. Regardless of what country they live in, the religious or spiritual belief they hold dear to their heart, and what you hope to accomplish for yourself, during the time you spend in this Peace Prayer, please envision everyone as related to you through your Divinity.

Thank you, dear hearts, for joining with me to say these affirmations.  I will sing these affirmations several times each day, beginning on Int’l Peace Day, until I feel that I have finished.  I sing affirmations,  use my drum to evoke the voice of Father God, and my rattle to evoke the voice of Mother God.  In this way I celebrate the Mother-Father aspects of God as an effort to honor all traditions. 

As your independent New Thought Minister I will be conduct this Service or, “Peace Prayer” knowing that God is Good, indwelling all life.  I will sustain my belief that we are synchronizing the CoCreation of Heaven on Earth, again; and futhermore, that we have begun to lovingly CoCreate a new Society based upon Partnership to replace the old Domination model that has slowly begun dying in our world.  I hope you will join me to build this future on earth.

Yours in Oneness and the Cocreation of Heaven on Earth,
Rev. Cassandra Martin

1.  We are the collective power of love, manifested in partnership around the world.  Our shared intention will thrive.

2.  We ask people to choose peace over unrest around the world. Let Love flow into every challenge we face, every day.

3.  Everyone is an empty bowl, receiving the Grace of God. We choose to reinforce peace for ourselves and those severely troubled around the world.

4. May we all cocreate words and deeds that span the bridge of understanding between us, in order to foster world peace.

5. I am all that I need, in order to live in my center of peace today.

6.  We affirm to ban slavery on the earth. Any slavery of gender, race, religious law, or creed, of government, and economy disrespects our equality as the human species.

7. We are ready to fulfill our purpose in life, and to assist the world as it rebirths itself into Heaven on Earth.

8.  We are ready to unfold our potential instead of staying tied to past mistakes.  We pledge to  cocreate peace at every chance.

9. When fear enters in, as it sometimes will, I will breathe out to release it and send loving good will to those who may also be feeling fear.  We are the peace we hope to share with everyone.  

10.  As one achieves “we”-thinking, another moves further way from me-mindedness, no matter how long the shift to collective consciousness takes.

11. May we all release our need to do violence against another; be it through thought, word or deed.

Why I prefer “Sacred Science” when Initiating Conversation…

I am learning a new language, you could say, as I go deeper into my four year ministry about Sacred Science.  I always spoke to the metaphysics, and universality of the human psyche and the wonders of creation from the very beginning of my first ministry with the Universal Brotherhood Movement, which began in 1996; and before that as a Mystic interacting with the public, beginning in 1990. I have not been a stranger to the many paths and teachings that encouraged us all to go inward in order to better understand the outward expression of God, made manifest.

During the end of the 1980s, like so many others, I began to feel the shift of consciousness calling to something deep within my Soul and Cosmic Heart. During the 1990s, I began to explore the Mystic side of my nature and what I discovered was so exciting that I dedicated the rest of my life to becoming whomever this new version of me was going to reveal.  Mind you, there has never been any doubt that I am not alone.  We are a movement, and I always knew that someday I would catch up to the rest of my group.  Isn’t life wonderful in that way?

We start out alone, out of our mother’s womb, then we connect with our birth family. From there we establish relationships with our interconnected family; school friends, teachers we admire, camp friends, or church friends. Further along our life path we start to form professional connections, and spiritual connections, then sometime in between these other interconnected relationships, we form romantic connections. We begin to create a personalized version of Oneness that circles around us, one that is not connected by time because time is not important. When we see our people it is like we have not been away from them for very long and we pick up right where we left off.  They are, after all, our people; we are connected.

The larger version of a Oneness connection is normally possible when we discover a cause, or belief that we are passionate about, and we discover that we are anxious to model change in the world that will bring a benefit to the majority of humankind.  Our eyes have opened to “we”-consciousness, because we have seen suffering, and it has connected to us personally in a way we did not know it could.

This is what happened to me when I got mad at God one day because I realized that its children will never make peace simply because their God Story forbids it. Those who do not believe in God aren’t a large enough percentage, and have little incentive to keep the religious fanatics from destroying the world. Their egos are looking for glory, but what glory is there if no one is left to admire them?

I have participated in Inter-faith discussions, and I have felt good about the people participating with me, and yet in my deepest heart I also know that their congregants are not going to change enough this year to tip the balance.  We are mostly working from the old creation story, and it is that story which keeps us from being brothers and sisters.  Sacred Science is a new creation story.  Say it with me?  Sacred Science is a new creation story.

This is why I enjoy using Sacred Science as the beginning point for a conversation about God during the twenty-first century.  God’s role in the Sacred Science story is rather simple, and basic; a quantum part of everything and its potentiality.

In the beginning was the consciousness of God, the Alpha and the Omega…