Biography – Rev. Cassandra Lea Martin, Author and independent New Thought Minister

REV. CASSANDRA MARTIN, independent New Thought Minister, and Author

Martin’s book, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century delivers an historic, and future view of metaphysics and quantum science. Readers see a new way to seek unification, in her work. She is a born mystic, and aligns with conscious evolution. Martin has spoken at nine public events, and wrote a monthly online church sermon at from 2010 through 2015. Her message has always been simple: we are consciousness, and God knows itself through our unity. A simple thought, but one that is charged with potential for all of us to become an example of Quantum Human for the 21st century.

Martin, an activist who wants all women to vote, is a public issues moderator. She started “Talk of the Town”, and participated in Diversity in CommUNITY during 2001-2004. She spearheaded an organization in Tahlequah during the General Elections called, The New Political Gender, a 3-day event that educated citizens on party platforms, included a women’s elected officials discussion panel, and a debate between the Senatorial candidates. The New Political Gender ended with a Suffragette costume parade around Cherokee Square to honor the Day the US Constitution was ratified, and women were finally able to vote, August 26th.

Rev, Martin is available for private consultation, for public speaking regarding the topic of Sacred Science, and as a guest minister for any new thought church.