I’ve learned th…

I’ve learned that the way I think of myself is the way I think of others.  The way that I see myself is how I see others, true or not.  And the deepness with which I am capable of loving myself, is the depth I can go in loving everyone else.  Learn to love yourself first, or sadly, you will never know how to love another.


Kintsukuroi, to heal with gold…

The Zen Tov Project for Healing Through the Arts, Tracy Ellyn, Director's photos

The Zen Tov Project for Healing Through the Arts,
Tracy Ellyn, Director’s photos

I am sharing this image, where I found it, and other information related to the Kintsukuroi on my blog today because it is a metaphor for Oneness and Interconnectedness, on one hand.  It is also a metaphor for Sacred Science, in that the technique that is used to “heal” this broken bowl, leaves it more beautiful for its wear and tear, just as the hybrid of Sacred Science is more beautiful during the current century, than each field of study has been independently in previous centuries.

I use the word “gold” in the title of this blog simply to denote rare value.  Many cultures value their elders because as we age, everyone has the opportunity to become wise.  Not all do, nonetheless, those who are able to share with us from their bowl of knowledge, deserve to be heard; and the truly intelligent among us learn by observing the lessons of others in order not to endure similar ones.

I have shared the story briefly of my experience with the Grandmother Spirits of Many Nations on facebook, and google plus.  Here I will go into more detail simply because I have already taught this class once, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it may be time to teach it again.  My experience has lived with me every day since it occured.  It is a rare teaching about life, and originally it was given to me in order for me to pass it along as a woman’s workshop, and a woman’s circle teaching during special events, and  the celebrations of various cycles of life.

The Grandmothers, all from different Indian nations, and I assume from around the world, shared with me how to make a medicine bowl that would be a teaching tool from birth to death and beyond.  Each bowl would be made with an exact number of rings to it, and within each ring the woman would place symbols, or words, or  images to represent her process during that cycle of her life.  She would leave empty space at the bottom to represent Earth Mother’s Spirit, from which her body has manifested.  She would leave the top space empty in order to invite Great Spirit to bring her gifts during her lifetime for herself, her family, and her people.  The middle of her bowl would be the focus of her life-story.

That is all that I am going to share with you about the message.  The teaching is very beautiful and it takes place person to person, in the groups which I lead as we make our bowls.  There are several ways to create the bowl depending upon the age you are at the time you are making it.  For instance, a girl child would paint her images on a bowl that is green fired, until she marries.  At that point, she would re-make her childhood bowl from scratch and fire it as part of her history.  If the woman making the bowl is in her last years, she would make her bowl as a story of her whole life, still leaving the top empty for the future days she has remaining.  And anyone in between would create their bowl with their life experiences and also their dreams for the future. They would choose to leave it green or fire it.

If you are interested in participating in a ceremonial event which would focus on the metaphor of the bowl, please contact me.  Part of my service to women is through ceremony, and healing rituals.  You may contact me, if you are guided to attend ceremony, or to host a workshop.

If you were led to this page, the information itself is healing, and I recommend that you follow the link to my facebook page where I discuss two ways you may start using the empty bowl for your own healing work.


Rev. Cassandra Lea Martin, independent New Thought Minister, Mystic and Author