Excerpts from International New Thought Alliance Magazine, “Evolving Consciousness through New Thought”

In the spring edition this year, an article of mine appeared and it is perfect to share here on my blog, using key excerpts.  The subject is consciousness and I started the article with our children being taught that in God they have an ally, one that according to New Thought is indwelling energetically.  This allows them to learn early that they are empowered, and can work with others in the spirit of Oneness, setting up the dynamics of win-win early in their lifetimes.  Evolving consciousness through this one New Thought principle in children would likely provide a generation of adults who would be more sensitive to the sacredness within themselves and within all sentient life.

Think about God as your ally, and you see in the teachings of New Thought the perception of our sacredness.  In addition, when we partner our sacredness with god, indwelling, we are the Light of God-In-Action…That light is an expression of consciousness cocreating with God.


Adults who are sensitive to the interconnectedness of all lifeforms are adults who are capable of enacting policy, locally and globally, that will support the efforts to re-imagine our world as one in which pollution is marginalized, food is available and managed through systems that are both ecologically healthy, and financially fair, and energy is available through economies that have been stabalized, while reformed financial systems have quashed the corporate advantages of the past.

The usage of Light as a metaphor for the Presence of God in our art and literature can also be extended to express consciousness in any enlightening society.  As humankind begins to change the systems of our world from those that no longer function, into new systems that include spiritual concepts, such as those I wrote about in the INTA article, and also write about in my book, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century, this new version of Quantum Human being will begin to evolve on our planet.

Quantum physics is the world of no time, and no space.  I am proposing the probability that God is beyond quantum physics and is in everything, because we can “know” nothing unless we are conscious of it.  Do you see the difference?  I am saying that God IS consciousness.

I am saying in my book that “God” is the title that the ancient peoples gave to the Presence which they felt in the wilderness, although at first it was the fecundity of the Goddess, which early man and woman worshipped.  And through my exploration of ancient metaphysics and religions, I was guided as a Mystic to the discovery of Sacred Science.  Sacred Science in turn, led me to author my book, and to research quantum mechanics and quantum theory.  In turn, I researched philosophy, consciousness studies, and  modern science in order to see where I fit, as a mystic and a woman who had unusual skills, to say the least.

I have respect for the philosophies of Friar Teilhard de Chardin’s “nooesphere”, Richard Maurice Burke’s concept of the “cosmic consciousness”, and how Professor Rupert Sheldrake arrived at his concept of the morphic field.  Which, by the way he arrived at while he was staying in India at Friar Bede Griffith’s ashram, before he wrote his groundbreaking book, A New Science of Life.  So you see, consciousness as the Intelligence of God is a naturall conclusion for me to make.  It was against the spiritual background that genius envisioned the future during very unsophisticated scientific times.  And, prior to them, Hinduism and Buddhism had concepts which allowed creative consciousness to express God-in-action as love-in-action.  This is something I have attempted to model in my own life, although I’ve never seriously studied Buddhism and Hinduism.

“…we are now in the twenty-first century and, living in the new age of conscious evolution, which will usher in unitive thinking and actions on a scale unheard of, but dreamed of for centuries.  Now is the time for us to raise a generation of children whom honestly understand the greatness of their energetic inheritance, God as consciousness.  Marianne Williamson summed itup beautifully by sharing her thought with us that, “It is our light, not our darnkess that most frightens us.”  I simply said, Amen.