“It Takes One Focus, and Millions of Voices, to Accomplish Change for the World.” updated on 16 July 2017

Have you heard that voice in your heart that says, “if only I could change the world I would.” Or, have you wondered why God seems to allow people to cocreate such a mess of things when something within you cries out, ” it doesn’t have to be this way!” You begin to join groups looking for a connection that will empower the whole, and your voice resonates a frequency that harmonizes with something you hear in the voices of each group you join. Like a gong resonating wave upon wave, you feel movement within as if something is waking up?

I can tell you that this “something” is also awakening within everyone in your group. It is a power that is sacred and it is meant to be used to evoke change in our world right now. It does not matter how long you have been chanting, or saying affirmations, or singing in ceremony, or speaking words of wisdom to people gathering together, because we are all called to “do something more”. You are answering the call of the “future you”, the Quantum Human,  or Barbara Marx Hubbard’s version of the new human evolving, that she calls homo universalis. We are all here on earth right now because it is the right time for us to use our god-authority, eminent (indwelling), and move this cocreative energy through our collective energy field, in order to shift the energy resonance of our planet. When you look around at the existing social systems it is sad to see the corruption and greed that is prominent.

I know a group that chants for World Peace by choosing one day a year, they set up leaders in the global time zones to coordinate the chanting around the globe so that during the 24-hours their chant for World Peace continues. The energy begins and then surges again.  In a meditation I saw a way in which we could use simple affirmations spoken out loud over the duration of the time bands across the world. Since we would all be speaking the same affirmations, the energy would build with the passion we each contribute.  We are part of the noosphere, the resonant field that is like Earth’s mind.  When we tell Our Mother that we want to see change, her manifestation begins to break down the old and build the new based upon our loving cocreation for new and healthy social change.  Think about that for a while and you may begin to see just how powerful we humans can be when we speak truth to existing power.

What I am recognizing, as my own strength increases, is that it is the power of our  collective voices combined with our own strengthening personal resolution, that is assisting our beloved planet in her own ascencion process. We are all participating in the Conscious Shift of Gaia and we need to start with ourselves first. From within the resonant shift that we collectively cocreate, the cocreators finding each other due to the work of  Barbara’s Foundation of Consciousness Evolution, and Humanity’s Team organization of Global Oneness Day 2017,  all of us will be able to enter into the shifting consciousness, the resonant field of love and cocreation.

My book The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century gives us a chance to meet the Modern God of the 21st Century.  Pure consciousness is like a matrix by which all things can be made physical. Science now speculates that consciousness is inherent within the very fabric of space because of the sub-atomic matter our ancient ancestors had given the title of God to, ca.n also.

The metaphysical/spiritual community was the first to recognize that everything we are “consciously ” part of is also part of the Master Creator energy. Quantum Physics is getting close to recognizing this intelligence, but it is the metaphysical community and the hybrid Sacred Science that will better allow this shift to be realized during the twenty-first century. If you were to start shifting your point of view and explore different modalities that help you to expand your own conscious resonant field it would not take long for you to intuit and know the truth about the Modern God.

 I want to encourage people around the world to realize is that your voice and your intention is your God-authority to change the world. And, we will do this through love, pure love. You do not need anything else to reclaim your inheritance, your psychic inheritance as Carl Jung knew the subconscious mind. Now our sub- and collective consciousness fields of energy await our recycling– using certain affirmation combined with the power generated by our collective consciousness we will redirect the negativity  we can’t help but see as chaos break down.

Enough of us have awakened, and carry the seed conscious changes as messages for humanity. Feel free to visit me if you feel called to be part of the project that I have seen evolving in  my mystical heart.  Truly, God has never left us at the mercy of others, we are the ones who will save the world and we always have been.  Through one focus, (consciousness) and the power that  comes when millions of voices activate the heart resonance of Gaia, we will stimulate her to create the power to change our world.


I am currently working on the book 365 Days of Affirmations for Sacred Activists. I look forward to sharing it with those who participate in this future event, at no charge.

Blessings of Light and Loving Kindness to you and yours.

Rev. Cassandra Martin, Independent New Thought